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Oyoko Education Center - Nabuur Project


Computer donation by Mr Ernest Okrah

Mr. Ernest Okrah (alias Azigi), a resident of UK and with Frantisek Korbel a co-author of website dedicated as a tool to project the image of Oyoko and also to communicate with sons and daughters of Oyoko home and abroad, on Wednesday 8th April donated 6 flat screen monitors and its associated Pentium 4 CPU to various institutions at Oyoko.

The beneficiary institutions were:

  • Oyoko Police Station
  • Oyoko Methodist Primary School
  • Oyoko Methodist J.S.S
  • Oyoko Presby Primary
  • Oyoko Roman J.S.S
  • Oyoko Roman Primary School.

The gesture was to assist the schools and the Police authorities have chance of using computers in order to have quick access to information and to be at pace with the rest of the world.



The village already has a place that can be utilized as a youth center however they are in actual need of equipment. As part of this we are hoping to write a funding proposal that can be used to find ongoing sources of funding for the community youth center.

We have already gathered lots of information that can be delivered to the villagers of Oyoko. Our task now is to work out HOW to get that information to them. The community has identified a few resources they will need to effectively deliver education seminars to groups of youths. On the wish list are TV, DVD, Projector, White board, Posters etc.

About Oyoko


Oyoko is a small community, which lies 4 miles north of Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital along the main road from Koforidua to Kumasi.


According the last population census held in 2000, the population was 6400 people with children between 6 -18 years constituting about 30% with high fertility rate among women. Most of the people are peasant farmers with few working in the public sector.

People living in Oyoko - Koforidua are from mixed cultures. About 70% of the population are Asantes with the rest being Ewes, Northerners and other minority tribes.

Arts and crafts

Events at Oyoko

On the traditional calendar there are nine (9) Akwasidae (sacred days) which is calculated on forty days interval and fall on Sunday and is celebrated by all the Ashantis. The last Akwasidae (on the Traditional Calendar) of the year is celebrated as Special Akwasidae by the chiefs and people of Oyoko - Adonten Division of the New Juaben Traditional Area. It is a week long event which is used as a platform to honour sons and daughters of Oyoko who have distinguished themselves creditably both at home and abroad. The event also take stock of the town's achievements and setbacks of previous year and outdoor new developmental projects for the coming year.

Oyoko Education Center

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