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Koforidua is a city in the West African republic of Ghana. It is the capital of the Eastern Region of Ghana and has a population of 87,315 (2000 census). It serves as a commercial center for the region and was founded in 1875 by refugees from Ashanti.The Ashanti refugees were mostly from Ashanti Juabeng hence the city is also known as New Juabeng. Koforidua city (New Jabeng) is made up of several mini towns. Some of these towns are Effiduase, Asokore, Oyoko, Suhyen, Dansuagya, Betom, Srodae, etc. All these mentioned mini towns have their chiefs but the overall King's Palace is in Srodae. A Predominant natural feature in Koforidua is the 'Obuo Tabri' Mountain which is also considered sacred. The 'Akwantukese' (the big journey) festival is celebrated yearly to mark the movement of their ancestors from 'Ashanti' to their present location. Presently the city still has a high population of 'Ashantis'and a very healthy mixture of other Ghanaian tribes. The Ladies of Koforidua are known for their beauty and famously referred to as 'Koforidua Flowers'.

Nearby is Akosombo Dam which holds Lake Volta, the world's largest man-made lake.


Koforidua is served by a station on the Ghana Railway network.

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