Computer donation by Mr Ernest Okrah

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Mr. Ernest Okrah

Mr Ernest Okrah is a resident of UK and a co-author of, a website dedicated as a tool to project the image of Oyoko and also to communicate with son and daughters of Oyoko home and abroad. On Wednesday 8th April he donated 6 flat screen monitors and its associated Pentium 4 CPU to various institution at Oyoko.

The beneficiary institutions were:

  • Oyoko Police Station
  • Oyoko Methodist Primary School
  • Oyoko Methodist J.S.S
  • Oyoko Presby Primary
  • Oyoko Roman J.S.S
  • Oyoko Roman Primary School.

The gesture was to assist the schools and the Police authorities have chance of using computers in order to have quick access to information and to be at pace with the rest of the world.

The heads of the schools and the Station Sergeant who received the computers on behalf of the institutions expressed their gratitude to Mr Azigi for his kind gesture. They assured Mr Azigi that the computers will be put to good use and call on others to emulate the kind gesture.

The headmistress of Roman Catholic J.S.S used the opportunity to call for an assistance to deal with a water log problem prevalent on the school compound which often makes school activities difficult.

The headmistress of Roman Catholic Primary School also call for an assistance to progress a new building facility the school they have started to enhance the quality of education being delivered.

The head of Presbyterian School on the other hand made a call for more donations of computers so that the school have their own ICT facility to make the school more competitive with others in big towns.

To Methodist Schools, their main problem is the school park which is now difficult to play on or use for any school playing activities because the deplorable state of the park which has become more like a desert.

To Mr Azigi, technology is the future therefore children in Oyoko need to be empowered to be competitive. Computer donation can make a big difference for underprivileged in Oyoko, stand up and be counted.

Ernest Okrah

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