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Mr. Ernest Okrah - local representative

Local Representative of Oyoko village at Nabuur

True hope for the Oyoko children

My name is Ernest Okrah, born in Ghana 36 years ago. I used to live in Oyoko, but now I live in London. I am married and have two beautiful boys. When I was in Oyoko, I saw a lot of youth going wayward with no sense of direction and help. I thought what can I do as an individual is to channel my effort through co-ordinating something like the Youth Advisory Centre to bring new experience and hope to the youth in the community. The plight of the unfortunate ones which I have no control or resources to change and make life a little bit better, keeps me awake at night. If the Youth Advisory Centre becomes a reality, it will provide youth development and so we will rescue the future of Oyoko.

Hope for the Youth

Before joining NABUUR, there were no Computer facility for the school children in Oyoko to use. Now we can enjoy a furnished computer lab with 26 computers. Neighbours helped to secure 30 computers, transport them and had about $900 to support the local community to establish the lab. The next step is the Youth Advisory Centre. The mission of Youth Center is to assist & advise the young generation of Oyoko in its personal & professional development. The basic tasks: providing info & training on the issues such as health, employment & everything connected. It is also going to serve as a place of extra-curricular activities The smile on their faces and someone saying thank you alone is a motivation that keeps me going!

A day in the life

My day starts at 6.30am when i leave home to work and spend 3 hours commuting. I start work at 9 am and close at 5pm. I am normally at home by 8pm as i have to do a part - time work before going home.I am not able to work as I would have love to as Local Rep to be successful in this drive for change in my community as a result of other commitment. As I don’t have internet home because my computer is broken down I end up squeezing few minutes from my tight schedule at work to update neighbors. Internet has become part of my life, I use it at work as and when required. The cost to get connected from home is not the problem but to buy new computer or lap top has become a headache for me as am financially tight.

A message for the Neighbours

My dream is to see the youth in Oyoko leading a healthy and safe life. I live by the motto that one has to do that of which one is convinced is right, and stand by one’s decision. The Neighbours can expect from me total commitment to the cause. I want to work with people who is seriously minded and want to make this dream come true. NABUUR is about commitment, and vision for one’s community. Let’s make this happen


I learned about NABUUR on a website about 3 years ago. Nabuur but it means a lot to me as I see them as a channel that I can use to help other disadvantage youth dream come true. It has given me another dimension of life i.e. to think about the unfortunate people in our communities. Without NABUUR, I would not have had the possibility of providing Oyoko with it’s computer lab!

Mr. Ernest Okrah in his office
Winner of the Housing and Adult Social Services Staff Award 2017
With London Police Commissioner Mrs. Cressida Dick
With London mayor Mr. Sadiq Khan

Promotional video for the Global Integration Transport project.

Oyoko Education Center
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