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Hydroelectric Plant on the Lake Volta

Lake Volta is the largest reservoir by surface area in the world, lying in Ghana and covering almost 8,502 km² (3,275 square miles). Its northernmost point is at the town of Yapei, and southernmost at the Akosombo Dam, 520 kilometers downstream. The dam holds back the White Volta River and the Black Volta River. These two rivers formerly converged to form the Volta River; this river now flows from the dam to the Atlantic Ocean.

The lake was formed in 1965 when the Akosombo Dam was built. Owing to the formation of Lake Volta, 78,000 people were relocated to new townships, along with 200,000 animals belonging to them; 120 buildings were destroyed.

The Akosombo Dam provides electricity for much of the nation. It is also important for transportation, plied by both ferries and cargo boats.

The Digya National Park lies on part of the lake's west shore.

On April 9, 2006 a passenger boat sank in the lake drowning around 120 people.

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